SMC attempts apartheid tuition

image sampled from MSN

Michael Medved interviewed Harrison Wills, SMC’s AS President and David Steinman, a Green Party congressional candidate today in Los Angeles.  Students there attempted to enter a meeting to protest the tuition plan. They met opposition from security forces and were pepper-sprayed.

Subject: The current tuition proposal (one that creates two price points for high demand vs. standard classes) of the college system is not sustainable, as evidenced by 300-400% tuition hike proposals. Wills claims there has not been a democratic process to vet the proposal and students are being blocked from discussing the proposal.

David Curtis: “The two part pay structure being proposed attempts to establish educational apartheid in a public vehicle.”

David Curtis: “The system could be a co-op structure. In such a structure, the students, teachers, admin and support workers would be co-operative owners.”*

MM: Yes, what about letting the free market come up with a solution?

*David Curtis commenting via telephone on the Michael Medved radio show today from San Francisco.


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