Fukushima Enclosure Proposal 2

“I cannot advocate for organic farming in California without addressing the events in Fukushima” -David Curtis


Concept sketch: EPS Form Blocks with lead facing.
Levy to stop aquifer migration. Water pump.

I am recommending in addition to whatever “road map” the operators of the facility issued December 2011, they consider the following.

Redundant levy construction per above sketch.

Temporary building wraps with lead impregnated tyvek or equal.

Redundant enclosure offset some distance from the existing structures with provisions for blast release. DC 4/13/2012

Last year, an industry person was quoted as guessing that if there are full melt downs the material would likely collect in the concrete containment vessel floor rather than breech it.

It seems there is a need for three redundant systems:

1. A method to contain the releases that occur/occurred into the underground aquifer.

2. A method to prevent releases to the adjacent ocean.

3. A redundant enclosure to prevent atmospheric releases.

4. Redundant cooling systems.

5. Once the systems are sufficiently cooled can the fuel rods be transferred to casks similar to ones proposed for the now cancelled long term storage facility in the US? edits 4/13/2012 dc


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