Oppose AB 1038


David Curtis, Green Party and Richard Winger in Sacramento to testify against AB 1038.

4/9/2013 rev1

Hon. Richard Pan
P.O. Box 942849, Room 4164
Sacramento, CA 94249-0005

Subject: AB 1038 Voter registration – OPPOSE

Dear Assembly Member Pan,

(The following is in response to Legislative Counsel’s Digest:)

1. Existing law already specifies conditions regarding payments to or considerations for voter registration assistants.

2. This bill would prohibit a person, company, or other organization from paying voter registration assistants. Attempts at prohibition historically do not function, and break down over time naturally.

3. Penalizing assistants by making their time and work a misdemeanor only rewards the prison building industry.

4. This bill would impose a state mandate with no provision for reimbursement for costs.

I urge the Legislature to reject this ill-conceived and mis-directed legislation.


David Curtis
candidate for Secretary of State
Green Party of California

PO Box 6624
San Rafael, CA 94903

415 233 4721

CC: Mike Feinstein, Spokesperson, Green Party of California


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